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Which software testing tools are recommended for Internet application testing?

Progress in the ways of software testing and development has resulted in a large expansion in the tool market in the test industry. Depending on the currently dealing issue, testers have tools available for the area.

Automation of Internet applications

Automated web application tests are a good way to check if the newly introduced changes did not cause functional errors that were not changed. When approaching the automation of web applications, the first step is to make a diagnosis regarding the technology in which the application is written and on which browsers the tests will be run.

Technology and the type of browser have a large impact on the choice of the tool. The automation of Internet application tests is worth considering at the very time of the application development. Testers have quite large spectrum of possibilities. Software testing tools used in such field are for example: Selenium, Telerik, Ranorex or TestComplete.



How to improve applications’ tests?

Software testing is part of the quality assurance process and can be considered as one of many activities in a whole series of activities aimed at providing high quality software. In addition to software testing, it is also possible to distinguish quality assurance activities such as static and dynamic analysis or static testing.

What kind of software testing tools can testers work with?

One of such tools is Selenium, a framework used to automate testing of web applications for the majority of the most popular browsers. Another solution is Telerik Test Studio, which is a test platform designed for the Windows operating system, the functionality of which allows the automation of web applications. In addition to web applications, there is also a possibility of using the GUI test tools.

From among them, testers can choose Ranorex, that is a platform designed for testing the user interface of desktop applications, applications intended for mobile devices as well as web applications.



How to deal with GUI tests?

Test automation is becoming an increasingly important point in testing applications. Such testing saves time when multiplying the same test activities, making it ideal for regression testing. Such testing is also cost-effective for larger applications, which are in constant development, and the basic functionality of these systems does not change frequently.

Automation of GUI tests

Creating automatic GUI tests of the operating system interface is a very complex task, as often only minor changes in the desktop applications cause the test to stop working properly. Some of the tools available are based on real clicks, which results in a problem when running tests at different resolutions.

If testers add different operating systems and versions on which the test works, the choice of the tool is a key element in order to benefit from such automation. Software testing tools for this type of application are for example Jeden, Sikulix, AutoIT or Rational Functional Tester.



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